What we do

Advocacy & Community Organizing

The MinKwon Center believes fostering community action at the heart of what we do. MinKwon’s Advocacy & Community Organizing’s two-fold approach represents our community’s needs on the federal, state and local levels of government and provides our community the platform to engage in grassroots organizing and activism.

Community Organizing

For more than 30 years, the MinKwon Center has empowered the low-income, new arrived members of our community to find long-term solutions to critical issues that impact their daily lives. MinKwon bases much of our community organizing efforts in Flushing Queens—home of one of the largest Korean-American and Asian-American populations in New York City.


General Meetings

Organized for community members interested in staying up-to-date and active in immigrant rights issues, General Meeting participants are the main mobilizing force in our advocacy campaigns.

Tenant Meetings

MinKwon's monthly Tenant Meetings engage low-income tenants and educate them on their rights. Tenant meeting members are active in advocacy campaigns that push for access to safe and affordable housing

English Language & Civic Classes

Our English Language and Civics Classes provide limited-English proficient community members with the skills to navigate life in their new home country.

Youth Adult Group

The monthly young adults meetings bring together both undocumented and U.S. citizens who seek to address the inequities and obstacles faced by immigrant communities. These meetings provide a safe space to share experiences and become involved in the fight for comprehensive immigration reform.


MinKwon Center's organizing efforts empower our DACA community members to become engaged in advocating for immigration reform. DACA organizing members also find a group of peers to collectively address the issues they face as immigrants with DACA status.