June 2018 Federal Candidate Surveys

APA VOICE conducted a candidate survey for candidates in the 5th , 12th , and 14th Congressional Districts in preparation for the Tuesday, June 26 New York Federal Primaries. APA VOICE is a strictly non-partisan, pan-Asian coalition of 19 civic engagement organizations in the Asian Pacific American community and conducted the survey this month in an effort to increase voter awareness on topics relevant to the Asian Pacific American community.

According to research by the Pew Research Center, Asian American voters have the worst turnout of all ethnic groups nationwide at an estimated 47 percent. According to the Census, turnout amount Asian American groups during the 2014 midterm elections was just 27 percent. The survey is available in English, Korean, Chinese, and Bengali and can play a critical role in educating Asian Pacific American voters about candidates running in the primary election. Because of lopsided party registration numbers, the primary elections are sometimes regarded as the “real” election in New York City, and it is important for the Asian Pacific American community members to stay informed about the candidates.

The survey, which was distributed to all candidates of the 5th , 12th , and 14th Congressional Districts, posed a set of five questions on education, gun control, healthcare, immigration, and the 2020 Census in an effort to fully capture the positions of each candidate and his or her platform. All candidates were limited to 120 words per answer.

View the candidate surveys:


June 2018 Election Map


April 2018 Voter Guide

We made a voter guide and distributed it to approximately 15,000 voters in New York City! The guide is available in EnglishKoreanChineseBengali, and Nepali.