February 03, 2017

The MinKwon Center Responds to the President's Executive Orders

Flushing, NY – On January 25, President Trump issued several executive orders which critically affect the immigrant community. The orders green-light construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and threatens to discontinue federal funding to sanctuary cities.  In addition, the president is expected to block immigrants and war refugees from Muslim-majority countries in the coming days.

The MinKwon Center strongly opposes Mr. Trump’s executive orders.

“Trump’s executive orders will not help repair the current immigration system and will only add to its dysfunction,” said James Hong, Interim Executive Director of the MinKwon Center. “So many families have been failed by our current system, and now countless immigrants may be pushed further into the shadows of society for fear of discrimination and persecution. The new administration needs to come up with policies that actually move our country forward.”

The MinKwon Center is deeply disappointed that Mr. Trump continues to push the hateful and divisive agenda of his presidential campaign. We urge the head of this new administration to pursue inclusive actions and policies that bring the nation together.

For the past two decades, the MinKwon Center has been fighting against laws and policies that violate immigrant rights. We have long been an advocate and active voice for comprehensive immigration reform. In this coming year, the MinKwon Center will resist and do its utmost to protect and empower the immigrant community through advocacy, civic engagement, and legal services. We will organize the Korean American community and stand up with our allies against the divisive measures that come our way.

The MinKwon Center is a community organization located in a sanctuary city, and we will work to ensure that the amazing, hard-earned contributions of immigrants are recognized by all.  We will continue to oppose the discriminatory policies like Mr. Trump’s executive orders, and to push the new administration towards immigration policies that are fairer, more inclusive and more just.

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