September 05, 2017


Flushing, NY – This morning, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced President Trump’s decision to terminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which will abolish work permits and place nearly 800,000 law-abiding young immigrants at risk for deportation.

Since 2012, the MinKwon Center has helped process more than 1,200 DACA initial and renewal applications for New York’s Korean American and Asian American community and is strongly opposed to and disappointed by today’s decision.

MinKwon Center’s Co-Director James Hong made the following statement:

“It is a sad and disappointing day for our country.  Today, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the president’s decision to terminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.  The majority of Americans across all political ideologies support comprehensive, fair and humane immigration reforms, including a pathway to citizenship for undocumented youth and young adults.  It’s disappointing, but not all that shocking, to see that the White House has once again chosen to side with conservative extremists.

“Sessions spoke at length about the adherence to the laws of the country, and strengthening the constitutional order.  However, we have seen in the short time Trump has been president, his administration has willfully broken federal laws in order to discriminate against Muslims through its numerous travel bans.  And recently, Trump pardoned former Sheriff Joseph Arpaio of Arizona, who was found guilty of targeting Latinos.  Thus, we see the deep hypocrisy of this administration, which breaks laws or ignores the administration of justice, while destroying the lives of nearly one million young Americans in the name of upholding the law.

“This decision not only ignores the sentiments of a majority of Americans, but goes against our country’s values, morality and sense of justice.  It takes 800,000 young Americans out of our workforce, out of public service, out of mainstream American life and drives them back into the shadows of our society, and back into the fear of deportation and separation from their families, their friends, and their communities.  Without work permits, our undocumented community members also lose the ability to support their families and to contribute as taxpayers to our city, state and country.  Economically, morally and socially, our country is now worse off.  Trump has opened a wound to our country, one we do not expect to heal soon.

“This fight is far from over, and the MinKwon Center is proud to stand with our undocumented community members and with millions of allies throughout the country. We will do everything in our power to continue helping DACA clients and immigrants until they are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.”

Beginning immediately, MinKwon will operate a DACA Hotline from 10AM to 10PM Eastern Time, 7 days per week.  Individuals should call 718-460-5600 for assistance, and listen for the instructions to connect.

Co-Director James Hong and directly impacted community members are available for media interviews today. To schedule an interview, please call Ju-Bum Cha at 718-460-5600 x304 or at

For more information, contact: James Hong, 718-460-5600 Ext. 305 /

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