Serving, educating, and organizing low-income Korean, Asian, and immigrant communities since 1984.

Flushing West: Recommendations for a Just Rezoning (2016 Report)

As we oppose the Special Flushing Waterfront District, many are asking: what does fair, affordable, and sustainable development that empowers our entire community look like? Check out our 2016 community-led survey and report with specific recommendations for a better future in Flushing.

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Our Statement on the 2020 Election Results

On Saturday, November 7, the 2020 presidential election was called for Joe Biden by every major news network. Although the composition of the US Senate and its majority is yet to be decided, the MinKwon Center joins the collective relief and joy felt across the country that an administration explicitly built on White supremacy and the dehumanization of our communities was soundly rejected for a second term. By nearly five million votes and counting, the people decided we do not want more of the same.

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Watch Our 2020 Virtual Gala!

For the first time ever, we held a virtual gala for our 36th anniversary, and the full gala program is available to watch on YouTube and your website. We thank our community members, youth members, tenant members, volunteers, staff, board, supporters, and sponsors for participating and donating for the year ahead!

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